Are you looking toward a great future in science, math, public health and medicine?   Then look no further!   Skyline’s Health & Medicine curriculum is hands-on, minds-on and exciting.  Each day you will be involved in moving your science education forward while always thinking about the possibilities.  Welcome.


     H & M program is a series of courses, designed to bring students closer to the possibilities of public health and
medical based fields. The courses are integrated into the students’ core curriculum and designed to expand upon the college preparatory math and science programs. **=taken off-site


    H & M program uses a combination of activity-based, project-based and problem-based learning styles to engage students. The Health & Medicine learning doesn’t just create an exciting environment where the possibilities of a medical field come to life, but it also teaches students to:

  1. Solve Problems

  2. Participate as part of a team

  3. Lead teams

  4. Conduct Research

  5. Understand real-world problems

  6. Analyze data

  7. Learn outside the classroom


Why Skyline Health & Medicine Magnet Program?

The Health & Medicine Magnet Program at Skyline High School is fun, demanding and serious.  The learning environment of Health & Medicine (H&M) deals with wellness, biomedical science, clinical medicine, anatomy, bioengineering and gives students an opportunity to consider their own personal  interests so that, whether they select H&M or not, they will begin to think of the choices and opportunities in their futures. 

The Health & Medicine Magnet Program enrollment begins with the tenth grade year.  Students choosing H &M magnet are grouped together for two academic classes (Language Arts and Science or Social Science) as well as a theme-based elective class (academic credit for this elective varies by magnet).  It will be expected, but not required, that students selecting the H&M magnet program will continue until graduation.   The H&M also has a Skyline/UM Health & Bioengineering Summer Camp.

The academic courses in The Health & Medicine Magnet Program meets the same curriculum requirements and standards of regular academic classes and have the opportunity to focus that content on complex thinking and problem solving in the themed area. 

Biology Class = study facts         H&M Classes = applications of Bio facts

In the senior year, H&M students will culminate their learning experience through an internship or senior project.

The H & M program offers an interdisciplinary curriculum to engage students in a logical progression of knowledge, skills and application. The Health & Medicine Magnet Program fosters literacy, imagination, competency, and creativity in a thematic environment conducive to high achievement.

Specialized equipment and learning spaces provide additional support for innovative curricula and instructional approaches. Technology and real world applications are infused throughout the H&M curriculum and connected across the academic disciplines. 

The Health & Medicine Magnet Program provides students with instructional continuity, a focus on complex thinking and applied knowledge, and a chance to sample the real world connection of academics and personal skills to problem solving and achievement.  The Health & Medicine Magnet Program has partnerships with local businesses, educational institutions, and community organizations.