Top Ten Reasons


10.  Health and medicine is inherently interesting to students.


9.    Health and medicine science prepares students for the workplace.  The fastest growing industry in the nation is biomedicial engineering.


8.    Health and medicine science courses are skills-based, “DBT -- Design, Build, Test” making them interesting and appropriate for students of all academic levels.  


7.   Health and medicine science is an integrated science where students learn and apply biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics.  Students see meaning in their other math and science courses.


6. Health and medicine science prepares students for higher-level science courses.


5.  Health and medicine science courses teach self-directedness, responsibility, organization and workplace etiquette.


4.  Health and medicine science students develop the skills to do real and original research.  This may be applied in the workplace, in courses, and on science fair inquiry projects.


3.  There are plenty of jobs in both the business and science sides of health, medicine, biomedical and biotechnical engineering in industrial, academic and governmental facilities.


2.  Health and medicine science is an industry with excellent benefits and good job satisfaction.


1.  Health and medicine science classes are fun! Excellent student attendance and promptness.


Top 10 Reasons Why