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SkyWell Mission File Necessary Documents;

      Skywell Project pdf

        Project Rubric pdf

          SkyWell Log + Mentor pdf

              TIMELINE w/ DUE DATES pdf

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The objective of this project is for you to take an active role in enhancing Skyline community health and wellness, as well as identifying ways to incorporate steps you can use now and in the future to maintain proper health and wellness.

In the SkyWell problem, you have the opportunity to apply your skills and knowledge to learn more about a health and wellness topic that is of interest to you. A SkyWell Project should make an IMPACT.  You may choose to design and execute experiments to answer a medical or health and wellness question. You may want to design and build a product that solves a wellness problem, a Skyline public health event, a service wellness project, display or you may want to develop a new system or process that improves some aspect of a person’s health and wellness experience. The choice is yours!  This is your school wellness project.

As a Wellness Ambassador or as a Wellness team, you will create, promote and design a SkyWell project that will promote health and wellness. (Examples; SkyWell guest speakers, SkyWell activity coordinator, SkyWell initiative/implementation, SkyWell leader, etc)


Your SkyWell Wellness plan must include the following:

You will research the topic you selected, include a report and create the SkyWell project/plan/initiative.

The SkyWell project/plan/initiative and written report will include:

• Activities for promoting an effective health and wellness campaign at Skyline.

• Main goals for the topic and how it relates to the “SkyWell Campaign”

• Objectives and an overview for meeting the goals

• Ways employers and employees can reinforce your topic and benefit from it at the workplace

• Why this particular topic is important

• Photos, examples of your project and implementation.

Please use the

H & M Project Rubric

Ways to present your information:

·        SkyWell EXPO 2/21

·        Poster display


SkyWell Forms

  1. 4 Q Strategy 

  2. Template  

  3. Experimental  Design

  4. BioStat Analysis

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